Oil Centrifuge Products

Oil Centrifuge Products

A Modular Product – Customized to Your Requirements

Select what you need and get started cleaning oil soon.  

Extreme vs. Basic Oil Centrifuge

The oil cleaning centrifuge comes in two speeds essentially.  The main difference is the motor.  All of the castings, centrifuge bowl and hardware is the same on both models.   The faster motor(extreme) will clean the oil quicker and also remove some of the more stubborn contaminants from the oil.

Extreme Oil Cleaning Centrifuge

Extreme Oil Centrifuge

Extreme – 6000RPM

  • 3800g – Extreme Cleaning
  • Available in 120V or 230V
  • Custom Baldor Motor


The Extreme Centrifuge comes with an AC Drive to run the 3PH motor from your 1PH Power.  It is the fastest centrifuge out there for the price.  The cleaning is top notch.   Made of durable aluminum castings and rotor/bowl.  Lifetime warranty on the castings and the motor carries a 5yr warranty.  Recommended for very high quality requirements, volumes  over 100 gallons/week.

Basic Oil Centrifuge

Basic Oil Centrifuge

Basic – 3450RPM

  • 1300g
  • Available in 120V or 230v – Wiring and plug included
  • Custom Baldor Motor


Get started cleaning oil now.  Made of durable aluminum castings and rotor/bowl.  Lifetime warranty on the castings and the motor carries a 5yr warranty.   Recommended for high quality requirements, less than 100 gallons/week.


Oil Centrifuge Heater

Oil Pre-Heater for Centrifuge

Oil Centrifuge Bolt on Heater

  • 120/230V
  • Super Efficient
  • Gives you the Best Clean Possible


Oil is cleaned better and more efficiently when it is hot, at least 150*F.   This efficient heating unit bolts right on to the centrifuge, and superheats the oil as it enters the centrifuge bowl.  It saves you from heating your entire feedstock.   This upgrade is strongly recommended.

oil centrifuge booster cone

Centrifuge Booster Cone

Oil Centrifuge Power Booster

  • Increases Speed
  • Provides a Better Clean
  • Bolts right in the Bowl

Power Booster

The Power Booster adds efficiency to your centrifuge.   It gets the oil spinning prior to entering the bowl.  It also insures the new oil enters at the bottom of the bowl, thus having to work it’s way through the entire contents of the bowl before leaving the centrifuge.   It’s recommended.


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