You’re sitting on an oil well, and it’s slipping through your fingers

Capture the waste oil in your shop or town

oil centrifuge bowl

Oil is scarce, typically dirty and a mess to work with.  It’s one of the most energy dense substances known to man, so its value will keep increasing as supplies keep dwindling.   Unfortunately, oil is treated like trash, just because it’s a little dirty.    You see the insanity of this right?  When Exxon drills for oil, that stuff comes out really dirty…and they see it as black gold.

Millions of gallons are slipping right through the fingers of individuals and small businesses.  That’s a lot of energy and money going God-knows-where, when it could be reused and kept by the individual giving oil independence.   The oil we have right in our shops and neighborhoods is no different.  It’s just a little dirty.

I know dirty oil is messy, gooey, hard to clean up.   Filters are such PITA, that it makes it easier to just discard the oil.

Fortunately there’s now a way to clean oil in small batches, eliminating filters and the mess.   Harvesting the waste oil geysers before they leave town is a worthy endeavor.   And better yet, centrifuges are now within the price-rage of individuals and shops to invest.   There’s an accessible and popular machine to be used by individuals, collectives and small businesses to stop the leaks of oil and money going out the door.   It’s easy to use and gets the oil really, really clean.

Oh, I’ve messed with filters…here’s my filter box.

oil centrifuge filter

After upgrading to a centrifuge, I’ve been able to save $1000s in fuel costs while helping hundreds of other people save money with alternative fuel.   This tool has been trusted and relied upon this along with my business partners and friends.   And, I can’t share a product unless I believe in it.   I’ve literally walked 100s of people from investigation, setup and success with an oil centrifuge.

Here’s how I see people benefit:

  • Able to produce their own fuel so that that they have extra money and can travel more freely
  • Save their company money so that they make a valuable contribution
  • Build a network so that you help people and establish good will in the community.
  • Reduce messes and spills
  • Save a bunch of time and frustration

It’s not only individuals that have found value in an oil centrifuge.  The aerospace divisions of Rolls Royce and Volvo use this oil centrifuge in their labs to clean cutting oil from their machining tools.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

got the centrifuge about six months ago and have learned a lot. Have a waste oil heater and the usual problems – non start etc. Most of the oil donors lie about what’s in the barrel of waste oil. Anyway after learning a few tricks to simplify processing my heater has been flawless this winter! Feel like barrel of waste oil went from 2 dollars to 100 + dollars after cleaning junk out with raw power CF. Much easier to stay on schedule with dependable heat.

Businesses, labs or individuals  can order this tool today, right on online with a few clicks.  It will come to your door within 10 days and you can will start getting the benefits of saving money and time, processing cleaner fuel.

It’s a fine tool, engineered for durability and function.  Backed up with great support and difficult to find anything else that will clean 50-250 gallons of oil per week for so cheap.

100 gallons a week, $4 a gallon, so It will take 3 weeks to pay off a basic centrifuge.  Then, the remaining 49 weeks is all profit $19,600 for a year.  The centrifuge motor has a 20year lifespan, and castings are lifetime…so I don’t like big numbers, but that’s a lot of money.

I believe in this machine, but more so I believe in reusing local waste oil for fuel and lubrication.

Oil centrifuges that essentially pay for themselves start at $1197.

Go over to the products page and select the model that best suits you.  Order it up and you’ll have it up and running in a few days from receiving it.

If you run into a hitch, there’s domestic tech support only a phone call or email away.  The Centrifuge is also backed by an excellent warranty.

Don’t  more oil slip out the door and/or pay $4 gallon for fuel you can source and refine right in your own town.